We believe that this clothing line is meant to embody the truest form of Godliness and that is to be unapologetically generous and compassionate!  We believe people don’t just want a premium product but they want to make a significant difference.  We believe that fashion is a statement and ours will always be a statement of love. We believe our clothes will reveal on the exterior of a person the love that is found on the interior.   We believe we can engage the hearts of humanity by appealing to them by fashion.  That is why we create high-end fashion clothing with a fixed amount of every purchase going directly to fund humanitarian efforts.  Our company exists because the Church isn’t a building, a pulpit or an offering plate.  The Church is humanity living in love and caring for those who can’t take care of themselves.  That is why our name is CHRCH because we know God intended it to be used to reach the least of these.

“It’s Not About You” is more than a catchy phrase, it’s a mission statement and a life-style.